2017 LDV T60 Pro (4×4) Review

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2017 LDV T60 Pro (4×4) Review

July 4, 2018 / News
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As seen on CarAdvice.com.au

Great vehicle – the ride is a little stiff, but smooths a little after a bit of use. It rides better with a load, and when towing I press the power button and it performs as well as the best.

The cabin controls are in all the right places. It pays to read the book, as with the new technology it’s good to know what the limitations are – such as blind-spot detection etc. These things are good, but false blind-spot detection at low speed happens. The quality of the build, both underbody and inside, seems to equal its rivals, but could possibly do with fewer hard plastics in the cabin.

The price attracted me, but I only bought this vehicle after researching and climbing under other cheap dual-cab 4x4s on the market. The LDV T60 just didn’t have any indicators of a cheap car, and to top it off, it looks good!

I have only done 5000km and only tried it in 4×4 once, but I can say that it steers and handles well on most roads. It hates the larger corrugations on dirt roads, so it’s better to slow down for them.

It’s enjoyable to drive now, and I look forward to the weekends when I can get out and about. It loves the open road and the 2.8-litre turbo engine doesn’t feel like it’s working hard at 100–110km/h. You can manually shift or put it in power mode, or a combination of both. The T60 has no turbo lag and power is smooth right through the rev range.

Cruise control works great and the vehicle maintains a constant set speed, except on the steeper descents when it gains a little speed.

As for the fuel economy, I’m very happy getting about 750–800km out of a tank of diesel.

The sound system, air-con and heater work great. The phone works good on the 10.0-inch screen, although I’m trying to use Android Auto and it’s proving to be difficult for me to set up (probably my fault).

My previous car was a Falcon ute on LPG but it was tired, and this LDV T60 is doing everything I need so far. The requirement was to have a ute that was economical, could be used as a family car, could tow the boat and go remote places on holidays, and also work around here on our seven-acre property carting water and a small trailer et cetera. The T60 is doing that fine.

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